Design for hospitality is a multidisciplinary platform for research and experimentation in the field of hospitality, a collaboration between different professionals involved in architecture, interior design and research. The professionals, thanks to their diverse knowledge they approach the space form the size of the interior to the complexity of the building, offering solutions that harmonize all sides : anthropometrics and ergonomics of the furniture, brand identity, lighting design and services.

The experience shared at the School of Design and the Department of Design – Politecnico di Milano, allows professionals continuously being aware of the current trends in tourism and scenarios, increasingly changing, as part of hospitality.

The platform, with international connections, is able to generate synergies with experts from different sectors, from the study of new hospitality trends and scenarios (scope luxury to new realities low cost), to consulting and integrated design (architecture – interior design – Contract – lighthing, mangement and service design). The cooperation with international experts and specialized professionals in the fields of project and manegement allows you to follow all the design and construction phases, offering concept and feasibility studies for hospitality spaces, executive architectural and interior design projects, furniture design and conversion of existing hotel space.